Red Line take 1st Place at Jap Fest Time Attack

Red Line Synthetic Oil
Red Line take 1st Place at Jap Fest Time Attack

Once again leading the pack is Red Line Oil's Irish dealer, Couture Auto. The Dunboyne based dealer were at Mondello Park Race Circuit with their familiar Mitsubishi EVO for the Jap Fest round of the Irish Time Attack series.


Nicholas Lim of Couture said " Thank you all for your support. We are very proud to be able to use Redline oil  products in our class winning car and take overall fastest time of the day at Japfest 2008 " The event saw over 15,000 people crowded into the paddocks of Mondello park Race track in Co Kildare, Republic of Ireland. Check out this video of the car in action...  


September 7th 2008
Dave Kerrigan/Honda Civic CRX
Samuel Kerr/Subaru Impreza
15Barrie Wycroft/Mitsubishi EvoVII1:00.523
John Begley/Nissan Skyline R32


Sonny Boyd/Mitsubishi Evo


29Robbie Thornthon/Nissan Skyline1:00.700
312BrianSexton/Mitsubishi Evo 61:00.948
425Brendan Stone/Honda Civic Type R1:01.187
51MartinTreacy/Mitsubishi Evo1:01.317
65Philip Burdock/Subaru Impreza1:02.358
Shane Rabbitt/Mazda RX7
Joe Foley/Subaru Impreza


Paul Hilliard/Subaru Impreza 1:07.214
1017Wayne Curran/Nissan 200SX

116Dean Reilly/Honda Civic1:04.738
Keith Quille/Honda Civic1:06.459
36Neil Dunne/Nissan 200 SX1:06.552
43Paul McCarthy/Honda Civic1:07.708
Chris O'Connor/Peugeot 106


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Yes. Red Line Oil's racing oils provide more wear protection than motor oils for passenger vehicles, however, these products contain fewer detergents and are not suitable for street use.

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