Improve Diesel Mileage

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Improve Diesel Mileage

Rising fuel costs have most of us taking an increased interest in our vehicles economy. In this article we look at diesel engines and the†basic ways that Red Line Oil's range of fuel additives can dramatically improve both economy and overall efficiency and improve diesel mileage.

Diesel fuel quality continues to decline, but modern diesel equipment manufacturers continue to reduce engine tolerances in order to improve emissions and efficiency. However to take full advantage of these designs, diesel fuel must provide near-perfect cleanliness in the injectors and ring areas. These needs are not adequately addressed by fuel manufacturers but Red Line's proven diesel fuel technology provides a number of performance improvements:

  • Increases power
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces emissions
  • Cleans diesel injectors
  • Maintains injector, ring & engine cleanliness
  • Boosts cetane- improves start up, warm up and reduces noise ( RL3 & 85 Plus )
  • Controls rust & corrosion
  • Stabilises diesel fuel

For diesel engined passenger cars, Red Line's 85 PLUS is designed to improve fuel combustion and prolong the life of the fuel system. 85 + contains powerful thermally stable detergents which clean injectors and the compression ring area which can become filled with partially burned combustion products. Lubricity additives lubricate fuel pumps and injectors and leave a coating in the upper cylinder, reducing friction at the critical point where the rings change direction - providing increased power. Boosting the cetane rating of the fuel also gives real benefits. Cetane is a measure of the ease of the diesel fuel to ignite in the combustion stroke. A higher cetane fuel means that the fuel will ignite earlier in the compression process which reduces the explosiveness of the fuel. This reduces the knocking noise often associated with diesel engines. if the cetane value of the fuel is too low, starting and warm up will be difficult and the knocking may cause premature engine wear. With 85+ a cetane booster is incorporated which will provide improved cold weather starting and reduce both knocking and smoke.

If you're working on a big scale with diesel equipment then Red Line has it's RL2 additive designed for heavy duty fleet use. This is the perfect product for use in commercial haulage or agriculture and†can be†scaled up for those customers who have their own diesel tanks. This RL2 additive is designed to provide measurable and statistically significant fuel efficiency improvements of upto 8% relative to untreated fuel. These efficiency improvements are due to injector and ring belt cleanliness and the reduction of friction. A significant amount of friction is generated in the high pressure injectors and fuel pumps which are fitted to direct injection engines. Tremendous pressures are required to provide proper atomisation of diesel fuel. To produce these high pressures, tolerances must be very tight, which increases damage from friction and wear. Also where the top ring reverses it's direction in the cylinder is another high friction location due to poor oil film formation. The synthetic upper-cylinder lubricants used can provide a significant improvement at these high temperature points.

85 Plus Diesel EnhancerRL-2 Diesel Additive

We have† plenty of technical data and test results on file for those of you seeking further information and welcome fleet enquiries looking to place any Red Line Oil product on trial to improve diesel mileage.

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