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Grinnin Big: The Greg Hancock Blog

"After a long and eventful 2014 season, I won my 3rd World Championship title in Torun, Poland on October 11th! What an amazing day it was for both my team and I. We all work so hard every year to chase dreams and Gold medals! Now we’ve done it again." (Greg Hancock, 2014)


"Hey Race Fans

The Grin just got bigger. J


Most of you know that this year’s World Championship has been an interesting one. Each of the top 5 riders in the title chase were all injured at some point in the year and 4 of the 5 have had to sit out of at least one event due to their injury. That includes me with a badly broken index finger and dislocated middle finger both on the left hand in round 9 of the series. I had an accident where my left hand was drawn into the back wheel of the rider who lost control in front of me and we went down. After an overnight stay at the hospital in Poland, I consulted the great Swedish Dr Gravander who sent me to Dr Zeba at the Gothenburg Hand Center. There I had a complicated surgery and had to a make a decision to take a month break from racing. That was one of the most difficult decisions that I’ve had to make in my racing career. Two weeks after the accident, I missed the 10th round of the GP Series in Vojens, Denmark. At that point, I was leading the series by 12 points but the result played in my favor anyway and I still managed to hold the lead with 7 points when that event was over. I started having a special electrical treatment twice a day with my good friend and Naprapat Åke Snellström from Roslags Kliniken in Täby, Sweden. Going into round 11 at Stockholm’s “Friends Arena” another two weeks later, I was back on. My hand surgeon (Dr. Zeba) against his own opinion pulled the 2 externally fixated pins from my finger and I was able to take a few laps of practice on the night before he official GP practice at Friends Arena. I knew that it would be painfully tough and of course not racing competitively for a month but I kept saying to myself: “It’s just a finger”! I had a goal to score 10 points on that night. To my own surprise, I went all the way to the final and finished the night with 15 points and a 12-point lead going into the final round in Torun, Poland. On October 11th, I was feeling so much better in the hand and fitness again. I had been training at my home track in Tarnow, Poland and had one last home match as well so I was fully fit and ready to go in Torun. I started in Torun with 2 heat wins only needed 2 more points from my next 3 rides to secure the victory. I took those 2 points in my third heat and the World Championship was mine once again… J I went on to qualify into the semi finals but got a flat tire on the second lap while in front. It is what it is but I was already the “World Champ”..


I owe this title to the hard put out by my whole team, family and sponsors. You cannot win these kinds of titles by yourself.

Thank You:


Special Thanks to:

My wife and Kids, (My Team) Raf, Bodzio, Rich & Travis

Apart from the racing, I continue to work hard to promote my Hancock range of aerosol cleaners and lubricants. In 2014, we also signed new agreements to take over the Swedish distribution of Troy Lee Designs and ODI Grips. Our future is shaping up and looking bright! Check it

Thank you for your support and See You on Top...      Greg" 

Greg Hancock 2014  

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 Grinnin Big: The Greg Hancock Blog
 Hancock has his sights set on the top step.

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