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Ariel Atom 500 V8

Ariel announce the latest version of the Atom – the Ariel Atom 500, powered by a small V8 engine.  With over 500bhp in a 500kilo package the Atom 500 will boast one of the highest power to weight ratios ever for a production car, ever.  At over 1000bhp per tonne the Atom 500 will be the ultimate statement in performance and is destined to be made in a limited edition... Red Line Oil dealer SWR Motorsport are the UK agent for Sadev gearboxes and will help test the unit with our famous Heavy Shockproof gearoil

High Performance Car Racing – Ariel Atom


Team LNT at LeMans 2007 with their stunning Panoz Esperantes racers... Look hard for the tell-tale Red Line sticker on the rear bumper arch. These beautiful race cars will be taking a back seat this season as development work continues. Lucky for LNT they have the gorgeous new Ginetta G50 to play with.

High Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor Racing – Team LNT, Panoz Esperantes


Arguably one the best drivers on the planet. Travelling all over the World, Terry has performed at some of the most prestigious events on the Global calendar. From the Race Of Champions in Paris, to the London Motorshow and the TV studio of Guiness World Records in Madrid. Whatever the challenge, Terry gives 110% to every fan, producer and promoter to ensure that whoever's watching gets blown away with what they see. Red Line Oil is protection from the punishing harsh show driving.

High Performance Car Racing – Terry GrantHigh Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor Racing High Performance Motor Racing High Performance Motor Racing


The awesome Evo VI of Couture Auto... Red Line's official Irish dealer ruling the Time Attack series

 High Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor Racing – Couture Auto


Ricky has been part & parcel of Sheffield Speedway since starting his career in 2001. A late developer in the sport as he started on the grass-track scene, he is now an accomplished Premier League performer who had his GB debut in 2005. Ricky has won both Division 3 and Division 2 titles with Sheffield during his time with the club.

High Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Speedway – Ricky AshworthHigh Performance Motor Racing



High Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor Racing

High Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Car Racing – Formula Ford




Raised in the junior ranks of Northern California, 24-year old Billy Janniro is finally on a world stage in the European and American Speedway wars. Look for him on Speed Channel’s coverage of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series and racing for the Coventry Bees in Britain’s Premier League, as Billy will chase the world title in the name of Red Line Oil, his primary sponsor

High Performance Motor RacingHigh Performance Motor RacingEuropean and American Speedway – Billy Janniro




His monster 'Harley Davidson' drag bike produces a staggering 800 horsepower from it's 2,700cc V twin motor. The bike produces it's awesome 200mph performance from a heady dose of 98% nitromethane, which is very hard on the engine components so only the very best in lubricants will take this punishment. To see more of Ian's team visit

High Performance Motor RacingHarley Davidson Drag Bike – Ian Turboville

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