Pfitzner recommend Red Line

Red Line Synthetic Oil
Pfitzner recommend Red Line

We are delighted to have recognition from Pfitzner of Australia who now recommend Red Line for their PPG gearbox... we are starting to see more of these here in Europe and a quick read of their thoughts will show you why. Get yours from Red Line stockists ZEN Performance... Subaru specialists and all round nice guys.


22nd January 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox has been stocking, recommending and selling all of the

Redline Oils and Lubricants range since our inception in the year 2000.

Redline has been able to advise and supply us with the correct synthetic oil or lubricant to

suit all our applications, in particular, with the Redline Lightweight Shockproof synthetic oil

being our most popular gearbox oil used with our PPG gearsets.

We have found that their products have given our gearsets superior shockloading capabilties,

‘cushioning’ gear teeth to help prevent tooth breakage, also, allowing the use of lower

viscosities, provides excellent low temperature shiftabiltiy, while still maintaining improved

gear protection at higher temperatures.

Redline have always delivered exceptional back up service and technical advice when

required. They have been more than helpful to advise us on many occasions when we have

not been able to correctly assist a customer with their enquiry, which gives us great

confidence in delivering exceptional customer service.

PPG produce gearsets for use in race, rally and street to global standards, and in turn, our

products have gained a reputation, internationally and domestically, in particular the rally

race arena, as a tough, reliable and near unbreakable unit.

This, along with Redline Oils and Lubricants, has allowed us to exceed our customers

expectations in every respect, without being hindered by assumed limitations.

In closing, we highly recommend the use of Redline Oils and Lubricants in your engine,

gearbox and differential, as proven by us at PPG, which will enable improved performance

and superior equipment durability, which is the key to success.


Tony Skachill

Technical Advisor



14a Watervale Drive Green Fields. South Australia 5107

Telephone: 61 8 8285 2933 Facsimile: 61 8 8285 2944

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