4WD Trip around the world on Red Line Oils

Red Line Synthetic Oil
4WD Trip around the world on Red Line Oils

Red Line Oil in Australia have been an oil analysis trial with†15W40 Diesel Engine Oil over the past 6 months.† Last year we supported†one of two 4WD writers for National magazines with Red Line oil for doing the entire length of Africa on one change of Red Line oil in the 4WD. Well he finished the trip with 48,843 kms on the oil - and the oil is still in great condition. The vehicles are†currently at Frogs Island 4x4†near Abington, Oxfordshire and are now getting prepared for the second leg of their journey.†

The second leg plan is to go from the UK†to San Fransisco via† Russia, Kazakstan, China, Mongolia & Alaska,†about a 30,000 kms trip in Spring 2008.† During the Africa trip, at every maintenance stop, the first writer we sponsored sat back and relaxed whilst the other writer was crawling under his vehicle to change his oil every 5000 kms. The data that resulted from the African trip showed that Red Line wear† over the 48,000 kms added up to a count of 76ppm of iron, whilst the other guy potentially over the same distance had wear of around 312ppm. Although the second guy was previously maybe sceptical regarding Red Line's claims, he is now willing to trial the oil for the second part of the trip. This is good news for us, as we now have the top two Australian 4WD media persons on Red Line.

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